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Hi there pet lover!

I aim to enrich the lives of people and their pets (Dogs, Cats and more) through positive reinforcement training, relationship building and education. 

In Home

  • Master Classes - Advanced skills or behaviour modification (reactive/fearful dogs, cat behaviour, other animals)

  • iTrain your K9 - I train your pet, great for busy pet parents! 


Eastern Shore Studio (Rokeby)

  • Polite Puppy - Socialisation and polite manners

  • Calm Walks & Lightening Recall 

  • Master Classes - Advanced skills or behaviour modification 

  • The Nose Knows! Scent work and tricks training

  • Pawfect Fit - Fitness WITH your dog 

  • Safe and Happy! Kids & Pets (FREE)


"Two legs + four paws = one team!"

Phone: 04 3333 9024

Email: cuesandclicks@gmail.com

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